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    Visual Arts

    These are the arts that meet the eye and evoke an emotion through an expression of skill and imagination. They include the most ancient forms, such as painting and drawing, and the arts that were born thanks to the development of technology, like sculpture, printmaking, photography, and installation art, the latter a combination of multiple creative expressions. Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, different eras in art history have had their own principles to define beauty, from the richly ornamented taste of the Baroque to the simple, utilitarian style of the Prairie School.
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    Featured content, November 24, 2020

    Art History: The Origins of 7 of Your Favorite Art Supplies
    Are crayons ancient, or just timeless?
    List / Visual Arts
    Painting palette with oil paints and brushes. Rainbow colored paints, arts and entertainment
    Why Is the Statue of Liberty a Woman?
    Learn why the Statue of Liberty depicts a woman, including a brief history of female personification in Europe.
    Companion / Visual Arts
    Detail of the head of the Statue of Liberty monument, Liberty Island, Upper New York Bay, New York.
    Why Do Brides Wear White?
    It’s a nice day for a white wedding.
    Demystified / Visual Arts
    Smiling Bride and Groom at Wedding Ceremony
    Beautiful Gibberish: Fake Arabic in Medieval and Renaissance Art
    Medieval and Renaissance artists admired Arabic script but couldn’t read it. So they improvised.
    #WTFact / Visual Arts
    Madonna and Child Enthroned by Gentile da Fabriano, tempera on panel, c. 1420, 95.7 x 56.5 cm
    Folk art
    Folk art, predominantly functional or utilitarian visual art created by hand (or with limited mechanical facilities) for...
    Encyclopedia / Visual Arts
    rooster weather vane
    Drawing, the art or technique of producing images on a surface, usually paper, by means of marks, usually of ink, graphite,...
    Encyclopedia / Visual Arts
    Michelangelo: Profile with Oriental Headdress
    Gilbert & George
    Gilbert & George, British collaborative team made up of Gilbert Proesch (b. Sept. 17, 1943, Dolomites, Italy) and George...
    Gilbert & George
    Latin American art
    Latin American art, artistic traditions that developed in Mesoamerica, Central America, and South America after contact with...
    Encyclopedia / Visual Arts
    Detail from Popular History of Mexico, mosaic by Diego Rivera, 1953; on the Teatro des los Insurgentes, Mexico City.

    Visual Arts Quizzes

    Tourists visit "Cloud Gate", a sculpture by Anish Kapoor, in Millenium Park in Chicago, Illinois.
    Who Made That? (Part 2)
    Who made these iconic works of art? Test your knowledge of art and artists with this quiz.
    The Creation of Adam to the Flood, detail of the ceiling fresco in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican, by Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564), painted 1508-12. Location: Sistine Chapel, Vatican Palace, Vatican State
    Which Came First: Art Edition
    Think you have your art chronology straight? See if you can guess which of these works, techniques, and styles came first.
    Venus and the Lute Player, ca. 1565-70, Oil on canvas, 65 x 82.5 in. (165.1 x 209.6 cm) by Titian and Workshop. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA. Titian (Tiziano Vecellio or Vecelli) Italian Renaissance painter, Venetian school.
    Italian Renaissance Art
    Do you know who mastered the design and construction of the dome back in the 15th century? Take this quiz to find out.
    "Future Expectations" by James Van der Zee, c. 1925. James VanDerZee.
    Art of the Harlem Renaissance
    Literature was not the only art that flourished during the Harlem Renaissance. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the...
    Photograph of urban collage background or typography paper texture
    Bits and Bobs: Collage and Assemblage
    Do you think poetry can be created from found papers and other objects? See how much you know about the arts of collage and...
    "Deux Fantassins Casques (Two Helmeted Infantrymen)" Roger de La Fresnaye, 1917. Pen and black ink with wash, 30.8x19.4 cm
    Cubism: Art and Artists
    What do you know about Cubism and the avant-garde artists who practiced it? Test your knowledge with this quiz.
    The Bauhaus Dessau was designed by Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius.
    Who founded the Bauhaus school? What was taught there? Test your knowledge about the famous design school with this quiz.
    Chicago. Chicago River. Bridge. Skyscraper. Architecture. View of Chicago skyline from the Chicago River, Illinois.
    Chicago Architecture
    Those corncob buildings on the Chicago River have a name, but do you know what it is? Test your knowledge of the Windy City’s...
    Models walk the runway in Isaac Mizrahi Fall Winter Fashion Show, February 18, 2010.
    Do you know the difference between an A-line dress and a ball gown? Try this quiz to see what you know about fashion.
    Japanese garden, flowers, botanicals, botany, trees, foliage, water, bridge
    “The Most Perfect Refreshment”: A Garden Quiz
    In the words of Jane Austen, “To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure, is the most perfect refreshment.”...
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    Visual Arts
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    Visual Arts Subcategories

    Egyptian Book of the Dead: Anubis Architecture
    Architecture is a sphere of art and design in which functionality and aesthetics can combine to produce visually stunning structures that manage to both catch the eye and serve a functional purpose. The expansive variety of architectural styles that have been employed throughout the ages underscores the fact that not every building need look the same, a principle that is readily apparent when comparing Gothic cathedrals with igloos or pagodas with cliff dwellings. Noted architects such as Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, I.M. Pei, Zaha Hadid, and Jeanne Gang are acclaimed not only for the striking aesthetics of their designs but also for the way in which their work reflected cultural themes and values. Although architecture is commonly associated first and foremost with the design and construction of buildings, landscape architects may work with gardens, parks, and other planned outdoor areas, aiding in the development and decorative planning of such spaces.
    subcategory placeholder Arts Awards
    Awards such as the Praemium Imperiale and the Pritzker Prize honor artists for a job well done.
    Egyptian Book of the Dead Decorative Art
    People appreciate the usefulness of things like glassware and furniture, but they appreciate such objects even more when they’re aesthetically pleasing, too. That’s where decorative art comes in. Explore the world of basketry, metalwork, pottery, interior design, tapestry, and more.
    subcategory placeholder Fashion Design
    Looking to make a statement without even saying a word? Fashion designers know that clothing and accessories can speak volumes about the wearer, affecting both how the wearer is perceived by others and how the wearer perceives of him- or herself. The fashion industry has become a multibillion-dollar global enterprise devoted to the business of making and selling clothes; it thrives by being diverse and flexible enough to gratify any consumer's desire to embrace or even to reject fashionability, however that term might be defined.
    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: Jane Avril Graphic Art
    Calligraphy, graffiti, engraving, caricature: graphic art's domain stretches as far as the eye can see. Take a look at some of the other types of graphic art, and learn more about the artists working within this category of fine arts.
    subcategory placeholder Installation & Performance Art
    Learn about the artists who create installation art, which can incorporate a variety of different materials and artistic forms, such as sculptures, videos, and music, all with the purpose of transforming a given space. Performance artists may also make use of videos and music—as well as such varied elements as acting, poetry, dance, and painting—to create a live presentation for an audience; here, the "audience" could simply consist of onlookers on the street or patrons browsing the halls of a museum, among countless other possibilities.
    St. George Painting
    Need help distinguishing your Picassos from your Monets? Learn about history’s celebrated painters and the different styles, techniques, mediums, and forms that have been used to create such unique visual images as Salvador Dalí’s melting clock and the ever-shifting eyes of Leonardo da Vinci’s enigmatic Mona Lisa.
    Becher, Bernd; Becher, Hilla Photography
    Photography’s history began long before we were snapping pictures on camera phones. Learn about the masters of the craft and explore the development of photographic technology as it progressed through daguerreotypes and tintypes on the way to modern day’s increasingly sophisticated digital cameras.
    Lorenzo Bernini: Apollo and Daphne Sculpture
    Looking to find a use for that extra clay, stone, plaster, or metal that you have lying around? Consider sculpture, in which artists employ these materials and others to create three-dimensional art. Perhaps you’ll join the ranks of noted sculptors such as Michelangelo, Auguste Rodin, and Donatello.
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