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    This Day in History: March 8

    Featured Biography

    Lidiya Skoblikova
    Russian skater
    Vasundhara Raje
    Indian politician
    Anselm Kiefer
    German painter
    Ralph Baer
    American engineer and inventor
    Otto Hahn
    German chemist
    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
    United States jurist

    More Events On This Day

    flight path of Malaysia Airlines flight 370
    During a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared, prompting a massive search effort that was finally called off in early 2017. Read about seven puzzling plane disappearances
    Encyclop?dia Britannica, Inc./Kenny Chmielewski
    Joe DiMaggio
    American baseball player Joe DiMaggio, who was one of the best all-around players in the history of the game, died. Test your knowledge of baseball
    Encyclop?dia Britannica, Inc.
    Joe Frazier
    American boxer Joe Frazier retained his world heavyweight championship by winning a 15-round decision over former champion Muhammad Ali at Madison Square Garden in New York City. How much do you know about boxing?
    The State—MCT/Landov
    default image
    Japanese troops captured Rangoon, Burma (Yangon, Myanmar) during World War II. Sort fact from fiction in our World War II quiz
    U.S. Capitol building, Washington, D.C.
    The U.S. Senate voted to limit filibusters by adopting the rule of cloture. Take our quiz about the history of American politics
    ? MedioImages/Getty Images
    Vladimir Lenin; Russian Revolution
    Rioting in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) marked the beginning of the February Revolution and the first stage of the Russian Revolution. Test your knowledge of plots and revolutions
    Photos.com/Getty Images
    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
    U.S. Supreme Court justice and legal historian Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., who advocated judicial restraint, arguing that speech could be limited only if it was a “clear and present danger,” was born in Boston. Why are there nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court?
    Encyclop?dia Britannica, Inc.
    New York Stock Exchange
    The New York Stock Exchange was formally created; it became one of the world's largest marketplaces for securities and other exchange-traded investments. Test your knowledge of economics
    Justin Guariglia—xPACIFICA/Redux
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