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    Question: American football players wear cloth caps on the field.
    Answer: American football players wear helmets made of reinforced plastic while playing. Baseball players wear cloth caps on the field.
    Question: A linebacker usually lines up ahead of the line.
    Answer: A linebacker, in gridiron football, is a defensive player who lines up behind the main defensive line. His job is to stop the ball carrier if that person has come through the first defense.
    Question: American football is called football everywhere in the world.
    Answer: Outside of the United States, football refers to association football, also known as soccer. American football is a descendant of rugby, a different sport.
    Question: In a punt, the ball hits the ground before being kicked.
    Answer: A punt is a kick executed by dropping the ball and kicking it before it hits the ground.
    Question: The first Super Bowl was played in 2001.
    Answer: The first Super Bowl was played in 1966.
    Question: The Super Bowl is played every four years.
    Answer: The Super Bowl is played at the end of the regular football season each year, usually in January or February.
    Question: There are several ways to score points in American football.
    Answer: In American football, points are won by moving the ball into the end zone. Carrying it or catching a pass earns a higher score, but the ball also can be kicked through the goalposts.
    Question: In American football a team can score points by downing an opponent in his own end zone.
    Answer: Downing an offensive player who is carrying the football in his own end zone is called a safety. This earns two points.
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