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    Question: If you pull a rip cord, what are you doing?
    Answer: A rip cord opens a parachute when it is pulled.
    Question: Which of these terms would a gymnast use?
    Answer: An adolph is a jump on a trampoline that combines a forward somersault and three and a half twists.
    Question: In what sport would one find chukkers?
    Answer: Chukkers are periods of play in the game of polo.
    Question: How often are the Asian Games held?
    Answer: The Asian Games are held every 4 years. Confined to Asian countries, they are a varied program of amateur sports competitions.
    Question: What is one kind of foul, in basketball?
    Answer: A loose ball foul is committed while trying to take control of a ball that has gotten away from a player. The person fouled against gets two free throws.
    Question: Which of these is the oldest sport?
    Answer: Fist-fighting contests date back to when ancient Greek boxers wrapped their hands in leather for protection. Modern boxers wear padded gloves and are grouped by weight.
    Question: Founded in 1947, what sport does NASCAR govern?
    Answer: NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.
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